Passionate About Pittsburgh
and the Moms Who Live Here

Mom’s Taxi Cab Confessions

This is my minivan. These are my children. Count them: one, two, three, four, five. Five siblings in one minivan. Five siblings who are involved in a slew of different activities, which means we spend most of our evenings cooped up in a small space. A curious thing happens when we step into the minivan […]

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I am the Daughter of Immigrants

With everything going on here at home and around the world right now, I wanted to share my perspective as a first generation-born Indian woman in America. My parents immigrated here from India in the early 1970’s with very little to their name – they had a few dollars in their pocket and a hell […]

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Just a Minute Ago

Just a Minute Ago

  Just a minute ago, she would sing all the music that we liked in the car. A split second ago, he needed to know where I was, even when I was in the same room. I have been sad about it lately. The world turns and turns, but secretly, I was hoping that time […]

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