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But how will I find you in heaven?

That age. It seems to be in the 6-8 year old range when developmentally kids start ‘getting’ the concept of death – that it’s real, that it happens, that’s life is finite, and that dying is not just about really old people.  As a parent, I find these discussions heart-wrenching. I just want everything to be fine and happy and […]

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Limiting Screen Time With Less Effort

So what color are your children’s eyes? Or your husband’s? Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute to think about it if you can’t remember. If you can’t, I’m not going to judge. I honestly can’t blame you. It’s likely because your family looks just like this. This is 2/5 of my own family. Trying […]

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Kindness is contagious.Pass it on!

Remembering the life, legacy and lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Today, January 16, 2017, our nation will recognize the life, legacy and lessons of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is a man who dedicated his life to serving others and peacefully fighting for unity, equality and civil rights. Oftentimes, our school-age children, and even us adults, look forward to this “day […]

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It’s Just a Phase

My two year old is obsessed with washing her hands. It’s a huge ritual for her. She pushes over a chair to the sink, stands on her tippy toes, and turns on the water- hot first, then cold. She splashes gleefully and gets soaked. She strips all her clothes off because they are wet. Then […]

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Reagan’s Birth Story

My birth story with my daughter Reagan is one of my favorite stories, I was so incredibility lucky to have an uncomplicated, natural birth. In preparing for my daughter’s birth I was convinced she was going to come after her due date, to my surprise she decided to make her appearance five days early. The […]

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