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My Favorite Mom Apps

In our everyday, busy lives, it’s hard to keep track of everything and just feel sane.  But these are some of my favorite mom apps – they help me feel more on top of my game, and make me feel like a better mom overall.   Chore Monster ( – My kids used to balk at […]

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I Wish You Knew Me Before I Was a Mom

Last week I was rushing to get the kids ready for school, frantically making breakfasts and lunches, barking orders at everyone, including the barking dog, and I had to take pause and think for a minute – “Is this the way my kids are always going to remember me?  As a screaming basketcase?  Will they […]

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I am the Daughter of Immigrants

With everything going on here at home and around the world right now, I wanted to share my perspective as a first generation-born Indian woman in America. My parents immigrated here from India in the early 1970’s with very little to their name – they had a few dollars in their pocket and a hell […]

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The Best Thing I Do for Myself

So I try and do all the things we mom’s are supposed to do for ourselves – wash my face at night, brush my teeth twice a day, exercise (or at least try to), BREATHE – and yes, they all help me feel healthy and less anxious (well, at least sometimes).  You’ve read some of my […]

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Sometimes I Hate Being a Mom…

It’s the third weekend in a row I have to take care of my kids by myself… my husband traveled for work and for a “guys trip” the last two, and this weekend he has the flu.  My kids are running around screaming at each other and when I finally intervene, one of them throws […]

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Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

For most of my life, I believed, like most people, that introverts were people who liked to be alone, and extroverts were people who were outgoing.  I recently found out that my assumption about those definitions was dead wrong!  In fact, here are the proper definitions: An Introvert is someone who recharges and get their […]

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I’m Sick of Being the Bad Guy…

“Go put on your shoes!”, “No TV before school!”, “It’s bedtime, you can’t go play outside!” How many of these sentences have come out of your mouth?  How often do they come out – on a weekly/daily/hourly basis? Now, how many of these have come out of your spouses mouth?  And how often?  If you […]

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