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Words To Live By

I spent much of yesterday digging through my old photo albums. I found many gems, but it’s a sad story as to why. My friend from high school, who served two tours of duty in Iraq, a decorated Army MedeVac pilot, who survived his years of service unscathed, is now losing his battle with colon […]

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Most of us have had at least one encounter with a bully in our lifetime. Have you ever wondered what makes a bully a bully? I still cannot figure out what causes someone to pick with and harass another person on a regular basis. Today kids have a larger scope in which to bully someone […]

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breast cancer awareness

My First and Only Mammogram

On November 21, 2014, I got my first screening mammogram. After that experience, I will NEVER get one again. If you think it’s because the mammogram was painful, you would be wrong. If you think it’s because there was something “suspicious” that turned out to be a false positive, you’d be wrong again. If you think […]

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Down Syndrome Awareness Month

A Day in the Life with Down Syndrome: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Once upon a time October was just like any other month. Our family participated in fun Fall activities and celebrated Halloween. Three years ago, however, October had new meaning. That was when we started celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Most people are aware of Down syndrome but there’s a very good reason for Down Syndrome […]

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Our Dealings with a House of Cards

This post is absolutely nothing to do with the well-acclaimed US drama series which I have yet to view. Nor is it in any relation to its predecessor, the early 90’s UK miniseries, which I have viewed. This post is about an actual house of cards— a cardboard mansion, painstakingly constructed by my eldest child. […]

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Let’s Talk Eczema: National Eczema Week

Eczema by definition is “a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters that cause itching and bleeding sometimes resulting from a reaction to irritation.” According to the National Eczema Association website, “Eczema appears in the first six months to five years of a child’s life. My son falls right […]

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