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Plagiocephaly – Flat Head Syndrome

Plagiocephaly by definition is “flat head syndrome.”      Our son was a great sleeper. He was sleeping through the night at three months. Once we settled into a routine, parenting was a breeze. A breeze until we had to do tummy time. Tummy time was awful. I dreaded it while he hated it. Needless […]

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Laughter is Key!

This time last year, I was 8 months pregnant and counting down the days to having my baby girl. I was washing all her clothes (most of which she didn’t even wear), decorating her room, and dreaming about what she’d look like. I, of course, also looked very pregnant. A few days before my due […]

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The FIT Principle and Why it Matters

The FIT Principle is a tool used to keep tabs on your exercise program. This is super exciting! Only you can make changes to your personal wellness plan (in light of the FIT principle) and zero in on obtaining specific results. FIT is an acronym outlining the key components of a successful exercise program – frequency, […]

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