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The Mom Guilt

As a mom, in general, we become so focused on our children that many times we forget that we had an identity before. Guess what moms, we all were something before we became moms, and sometimes we need to focus on ourselves and take off our mom hat even if its just for an hour. It is […]

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Ode To The Single Mom

Single mothers don’t just rock… they rock AND they roll! Single mothers bear a special load. They play dual rolls, they learn to be magicians, acrobats, jugglers, lion tamers and tight rope walkers all within this 3-ring circus we call life! Single mothers have a special place in my heart as I was a single […]

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Be in the Moment

It’s safe to say we all, conciously or subconsiously, have thought about or are continually forward-looking to the “next thing”. We want the pieces to fit nicely together. It gives a sense of accomplishment and yet gives us a sense of security. “Once the house is clean,” or “Once I get to this point,” or […]

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