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Super Woman to Super Mom

One of my most crippling attitudes is the super woman one.  Maybe you’ve experienced that?  A lot of baggage comes along with the “mom” job title.  Baggage I didn’t even know I carried!  I came into this tightly holding on to all that made me “me” before having kids.  I held the belief that I needed to “prove” to myself […]

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Marcia, Marcia Marcia: The Misunderstood Middle Child

“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” — Jan Brady, the middle and often cantankerous daughter from the long running 70’s television series, The Brady Bunch  However, Jan Brady is more than an iconic character, she has become the poster child/stereotype for middle children in America. Jan, throughout the long running television series and then 90’s movie franchise, is portrayed […]

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Photo Credit: Carri Finkbeiner

I am a Highly Sensitive Mom

I am highly sensitive – I’ve known my whole life.  Every loud noise, every little tickle, every grain of sand would drive me crazy.  Over the years I’ve learned to desensitize most sensations that would have otherwise drove me up a wall, but after becoming a mom, my sensitivity has crept back into my life.  Whenever my […]

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