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DIY :: Seasonal Car Kit

Ok, Pittsburgh Moms, who’s itching to get those kiddos outside? If you’re like our family, we can’t prepare for anything without asking “Alexa, what’s the forecast for today?” Rainy. Sunny. Cold. Hot. I cannot keep up. So after going from 75 degrees a few Saturday’s ago to snow three days later, I decided to put a little container together for my trunk that could cover the gamut of spring days in Pennsylvania. This is perfect for stops at the park or playground or event for organized sports practices for spring, which seem to have all started the last few weekends.

Our son is three and a half, so some things in here are on the toddler side, but this can be tweaked to fit your kid’s ages and needs.

I organized everything in a clear plastic container so it’s easy to see what’s inside if you need a quick glance or are running into the grocery store and maybe need a restock.

Rain boots or mud shoes – We had boots and I bought a pair of shoes from Once Upon a Child in Monroeville that can get super dirty, wet, muddy and it won’t matter.

Grocery Bags – for messy shoes or wet clothes. We always end up having a ton of grocery bags so I stuff a few of these in the container. They’re great for even your own shoes to sit in until you make it home.

Sunscreen – I was at Walmart last weekend and their skincare area is stocked with everything you could possibly need for being outside. I love the sun sticks. We used them last year when Luke was not really into putting sunscreen on and they worked great. Easy and quick. They’re also small so they can easily be tossed into your purse or car without taking up too much space.

*Another great thing to add here would be bug spray – something for mosquitos and ticks. 

Raincoat + Hoodie – This has been the biggest “guess” for us the past few weeks. We leave home in the morning with a hat and coat on and some afternoons don’t need any extra layers or vis versa.

Baby Wipes – We’re at the stage now where some days our kiddo is all about washing his hands, other days it’s a war to get him near the sink. These wipes are a life-saver. I threw a bottle of them in the car for after-play clean offs or even after shopping.

First Aid Kit or Band-Aids – Whether it’s a scrape from the slide or a blister from shoes with no socks, sometimes all you need is a Paw Patrol Band-Aid and a kiss from mom. I let Luke pick the character he wanted and in the box they went! Those wipes can also double as a disinfectant, at least until we get home.

Snacks – This is a must in our car. Target has all of their pre-packaged snacks and drinks on display by their spring/summer section. Grab a few snacks and drinks for the pantry and restock the car as needed on a weekly basis. Takes one thing off the list to remember to pack when you’re going out for a fun afternoon.

The best part about having this is that it’s super easy and quick to do a “season swap” for Summer and then you’re ready for the splash pads or the pool, saving a few minutes and eliminating the scrambling when all your little ones want to do is get out the door and play!

What else would you add to your seasonal box? Anything that’s a must-have when your kids are outdoors?

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