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My Son Needs Constant Praise

“Mom, cheer for me really loud okay?” My son, now five, said this to me last week before baseball practice. He’s an A-type personality always striving for perfection who needs to be in control. Type A’s need to achieve something to feel their self-worth. He’s a true text-book definition of an over-reactor and as impatient […]

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Happy 5th Birthday, Lorenzo

I am going to try to make it through this post without crying.  Five years have come and gone in fleeting moments leaving me with a lot of vague and some very vivid memories. Memories I wish I could pause and relive over and over again. There is nothing like remembering you saying mama for […]

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Neighbor Moms

What Type Of Mom Friend Are You?

Let’s face it, we need an army to get through motherhood. Some days are challenging and others are rewarding. While we are navigating through terrible twos or teenage years, who is always next to you giving advice or laughing at the ridiculous things your children say? It’s our Mom Friends!   The Sister Mom: I […]

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