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She’ll Pierce Them When She’s Ready

My daughter’s fascination with pierced ears began about a year or two ago, after a few of her friends endured the rite of passage at the local mall and came home with sparkly, shiny studs adorning their lobes. Yes, she likes the way earrings look. But at 7 years old, my kiddo is not quite […]

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The Art of Managing Artwork

Pittsburgh Moms Blog readers: I need your help. You see, my daughter loves to draw and create artwork. When I say she loves to draw and create artwork, I mean she really, REALLY likes to draw and create artwork. “Look, mama! I made this for you! Hang it up!” she’ll say, beaming. I want to […]

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My Least Favorite Question

Many years ago, I was working in my backyard when I struck up a conversation with a then-neighbor. This woman had several children who, at the time, were teenagers or nearly teenagers. I didn’t know her that well, other than to say hello. The family rarely came out of the house, so we didn’t have […]

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Celebrate Positive Thinking Day with These 10 Quotes

We’ve all heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” Well, according to psychologists who study the power of positive thinking, you are what you think, too. Every single person on this planet has had his or her fair share of challenges to endure. As moms, we often feel overwhelmed, downright exhausted, and fundamentally wiped […]

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Kids’ Activities: When is Enough Enough?

Dance. Soccer. Gymnastics. Girl Scouts. Boy Scouts. Football. Art. Karate. Voice lessons. Swim lessons. Piano lessons. Tennis lessons. Extracurricular activities have become a hallmark of childhood, and many parents feel that their children must be exposed to as many different activities as possible as a way to build character. Two, four or more days a week, […]

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Five Tips for Work-at-Home Moms: Part 3 of 3

Working from home comes with many perks: a 10-second commute, easy access to the fridge and bathroom and, of course, flexibility. However, working from home—or, better yet, working from home with kids—can certainly have its challenges. As a freelance writer, I’m tied to deadlines. That concept is stressful enough on its own, but because I […]

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