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As a thirty one year old woman with three children I have to say I haven’t been grounded in quite some time… that is until this week. My eleven year old, as sweet as can be, grounded me from ‘being sick’. All in one month, I have had a kidney infection, liver problems, and a […]

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Not a Movement

Our house doesn’t participate in high stakes tests like the PSSAs. Every year we get shamed by parents, patted on the back by teachers and hassled by administration.  But the truth is it was never suppose to be a movement.  It’s the best choice for Our kids and Our family.  Shortly after Alex’s diagnosis with […]

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Mommie’s little Thorn

Mom,  From the moment I blessed this world I have been a thorn in your side. Born at just over 4 lbs I required round the clock feedings which is no easy task for a baby so small ( and I know how much you love your sleep). Then, of course there was the never […]

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I heart my shoes

When my oldest children were in preschool, there was a little girl, and she would always come to school in clothes that didn’t match …sometimes even two different shoes. It was something that I couldn’t fathom. How could anyone let their beautiful baby girl leave the house looking like that? But this little girl was […]

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Dear Baby

To my last baby,  This morning at 5:36 am you turned eight years old. I am not sure how this happened; I tried not to blink. But still I missed it. As a stay at home mom I was here for you. I saw your first steps and heard your first words. Yet I still […]

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A Tradition of Our Own

At 21, everybody believes they are an adult and have the world figured out. Add a marriage, and not 1… but 2 children and a 3rd on the way… of course, I was the most mature 21 year old on the planet. Except, at 21, I had yet to master the art of saying ‘no’. […]

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Thankful Four

It’s that time of year again…where everywhere you go someone is always asking What are you thankful for? Most adults are thankful for one thing… their family. A new addition, a healthy parent, a strong marriage – it can all leave a smile upon us at the end of a long year. Our family is […]

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