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5 Healthy Chocolate Breakfasts: Kid and Mom Approved

Shout out to these fellow Pittsburgh bloggers who know what’s up when it comes to doing breakfast right. I’m not talking about chocolate cake or candy bars. I’m talking about breakfast recipes that are simple, healthy AND include chocolate, my friends. Who can argue with that? Hello, healthy chocolate breakfasts!  Now I, personally, love breakfast […]

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But how will I find you in heaven?

That age. It seems to be in the 6-8 year old range when developmentally kids start ‘getting’ the concept of death – that it’s real, that it happens, that’s life is finite, and that dying is not just about really old people.  As a parent, I find these discussions heart-wrenching. I just want everything to be fine and happy and […]

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The very fact that you worry about being a good mom

The words we parents need to hear: You Are Enough.

So the other day, I was brought to tears. It wasn’t the usual mom-frustration or mom-overwhelm that did it (though make no mistake, these feelings¬†have brought me to tears as well). Nor were these tears from the stabbing pain of an unseen lego suddenly implanted in the ball of my foot either. No, these were […]

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