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Be your own advocate

Be Your Own Advocate for Your Health

Be your own advocate for your health because only you can be! Recently I have had several conversations with some of my mom friends about medical issues we are experiencing.  All of us have said the same thing…we keep putting off seeing a doctor.  The main reason we all haven’t gone to a doctor is […]

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How does REAL ID affect you in 2019?

REAL – ID Act:  How will affect you as a Pennsylvania resident? In the past few weeks you may have seen an advertisement on your television regarding REAL ID.  The advertisement talks about getting a REAL ID card but you may be more confused than educated regarding why you need to update your identification.  In […]

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How we teach our kids about intolerance…

There are many forms of intolerance.  Intolerance for adults can be different than intolerance for kids.  It is just the form that it comes in that makes it different.  Regardless, definition of intolerance is the unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differs from our own.  The key words in that sentence is “differs […]

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MRSA leaves big welts

How to handle MRSA in your house…

What I didn’t know about MRSA may help you…. Before I had my kids I remember watching a story on one of the major morning shows about MRSA and how bad it was.  I believe they even called it the “Super Bug” and using terms like “highly resistant.”  They talked about how the elderly, children, […]

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