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The Dishes Won’t Remember

If becoming a mother of two has taught me anything, it is that the dishes, the laundry, the cleaning, while it does need done can wait…. It is difficult enough to split the time between two children, the dishes don’t deserve to take their attention or time.   If motherhood has taught me anything it’s […]

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The Second Pregnancy

Pregnancy is always the start of many different emotions – from thinking you might be pregnant to taking that pregnancy test that confirms what you already knew: positive. For me the feelings between finding out I was pregnant for the first and second time were pretty identical, but the pregnancies themselves have not. My first […]

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Reagan’s Birth Story

My birth story with my daughter Reagan is one of my favorite stories, I was so incredibility lucky to have an uncomplicated, natural birth. In preparing for my daughter’s birth I was convinced she was going to come after her due date, to my surprise she decided to make her appearance five days early. The […]

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