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Momming with a Chronic Invisible Illness

I have a vague memory of putting my foot in my mouth at work about 15 years ago. My co-worker was telling me that her partner didn’t work because she has Fibromyalgia. “Isn’t that just a diagnoses for lazy people?” I asked. “No! It’s when your in pain all the time for no reason!” She snapped […]

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Get Into the Halloween Spirit!

It’s that time of year again! Faux gravestones on front lawns, 5 pound bags of Kit-Kats for sale in aisle 9, and cheesy, censored versions of 1980’s horror films airing on basic cable. Oh, and classroom moms staying up all night to finish costumes, treats and crafts………….. I love Halloween! I have so many happy […]

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My Tribe

I love where I live. We’re 13 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh. The homes are large and cheap. We can walk to almost anything – the library, a yummy bakery, a new coffee shop, our first bar (prohibition finally ended here last year) and our schools. There are no buses in our district – with the […]

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We had our first child very young. Emma came along about 2 months after my 21st birthday. She has always been a quiet, reserved little girl. (Still is… unless you see her at Warped Tour.) This made our unplanned start into parenting an easy ride. Our first son came along only 2 years later. Again, […]

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My lifesaver!

Keeping it Together

I personally don’t put much thought into astrology and such. However as a Virgo (I’ll be 29 again next month!) I am supposed to be organized. If you saw my house though you might think me a Pisces! I can’t even use the excuse that we are renovating anymore as I feel the state of […]

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