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You, All Over Again

We’re a family of three and most likely will remain that way. I desperately want to relive all of those magical first moments in a baby’s life. I’m filled with gratitude that I was lucky enough to experience these things at all. In some ways, I feel very ungrateful for wanting that again, as though […]

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Girls’ Work

I fancy myself a feminist and have since sometime in junior high when I learned what the word means. The work of my household is not divided up by gender roles; we are of the philosophy that if one sees something that needs to be done, one does it. Sometimes I mow the lawn, sometimes […]

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Oh my goodness, people on social media are so annoying! AM I RIGHT?

Oh my goodness, people on social media are so annoying! AM I RIGHT? Has your news feed been full of 30 Days of Thankfulness posts? How about solicitations for Elf on the Shelf Ideas? Children selling seemingly unnecessary items for school/boy scouts/girl scouts fundraisers? Is someone celebrating an anniversary with their “best friend”? Here’s, typically, […]

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The worst garlic toast I’ve ever had…

I met my husband in the fall of 1995, just two short months in to my senior year of high school. He was friends with a guy my friend was dating. Normally the rest of this post would be somewhat brief and contain the phrase, “…and they lived happily ever after…” – but that wasn’t […]

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Getting Over Yourself

While recently talking to a good friend, we both lamented how now, in our late thirties, we’re doing things that younger versions of ourselves would never have considered. I’m knitting, she’s cross-fitting. In our younger years were very busy being non-conformists and while we didn’t know each other then, have found that we were basically […]

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This is something I mom-wrote…

When I submitted a writing sample to Pittsburgh Moms Blog, I felt silly and embarrassed. Why? Because I felt weird about my interest in being a “mommy” blogger. When I posted on Facebook that I had been selected to be a contributor I wrote “…guess I’m mommy blogging now…” to acknowledge, with a hint of […]

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