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Book Review: My Preschooler Loved “ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to read 55 words”

Literacy has always been my passion. I’ve always been moved by written expression and am definitely a lifelong learner. It’s truly why I wanted to and became a teacher. When I first started teaching, I loved kindergarten because it was in those early literacy moments where light bulbs began to go off and connections were […]

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I Don’t Really Belong

As a mom with a wide range of kids’ ages (17, 12, 6, 3) in various activities, I find myself not really belonging anywhere as of late.  Not in the sense of “poor me,” because I am certainly very blessed to have very close friendships that have spanned years and geography, but in my every […]

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Children Learn What They Experience

  It doesn’t matter whether your home is blended or not, children learn what they live. A blended home just provides two versions of what children see and live with.   Quite simply it really is all how you handle things.  The fine line between handling something positively or critically in a negative way makes […]

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The Last Third Birthday

Today is my Violet’s third birthday.  It’s a special day, no question, as we’ve been through third birthdays a handful of times before hers and of course, they are all meaningful.  I’ve long referred to Violet as my grand finale and she did, in fact, come into the world in true dramatic fashion nearly arriving […]

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National Stepfamily Day

Today is National Stepfamily Day!  Did you even know there was such a thing??  My son, Andrew, and I actually moved to Pittsburgh from Arizona to begin our lives with my now husband and his daughter right around this date, nine years ago. We declared it our Family Anniversary back in 2007! I so vividly […]

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I Wish I Weren’t a Stepmom

I wish I weren’t a stepmom. The weight that fell off my shoulders upon expressing those words is truly indescribable. It’s taboo to say them out loud, of course,–words only shared in the darkest of moments with close friends who love and accept you no matter what or with someone carrying the same weight.  Instead, […]

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Embracing the Good in the Blend

Court rooms, calendars, attorneys, arguments, missed events, mudslinging.  I could write all day long about the struggles of blending a family—and I have written about plenty of those moments, but there are also some truly amazing aspects of being part of a blended family that makes our family…ours.  We have a blended family of 6. […]

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