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Most of us have had at least one encounter with a bully in our lifetime. Have you ever wondered what makes a bully a bully? I still cannot figure out what causes someone to pick with and harass another person on a regular basis. Today kids have a larger scope in which to bully someone […]

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Sandwich Parents

I’m an at home mom in transition. I have two kids in middle school and one in college. I put my career on hold years ago and now I feel unmarketable. I have many skills, gifts and talents coupled with amazing ideas and half started and unfinished businesses of my own. This stage is something […]

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Art of “Daddy” Ball

I have been waiting a long time to post this and many will not like it, however, it is true and there is no better time than football season. Here in Western PA, football is King. It can become overwhelming and obsessive as¬†people plan their days around it. Church attendance can even be affected by […]

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It’s Our Anniversary

My husband and I met in 1994. I was a cashier at Old Country Buffet. He was two and a half years my senior. I didn’t see him again until the year 2000. By then I had a 3 year old son and was finishing college, he had graduated a few years before me and […]

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