Passionate About Pittsburgh
and the Moms Who Live Here

A Gentle Reminder Amongst all the Chaos.

As I write this, the current date is November 12, 2016 and let me tell you it has been quite the week; from the presidential election, the aftermath of the election, riots, shootings, this week had just about everything negative that it could. I don’t want to get political here on PMB, but I just want to remind everyone every word you type, say, and every emotion you express, your children are watching, and learning. Social media and the news are not responsible for raising your children, you are. Whether you agree, disagree, or are neutral about politics you must remember that your children are listening and watching your every move and reaction. Teach them to be kind, understanding, and accepting of others – these lessons will truly change the course of this nation, not Washington, D.C.13329443_767822391299_5176959596973607161_o

This past week saw a horrible shooting in Canonsburg, PA which took the life of one of the department’s officers. This was a horrible situation, and a huge reminder that life is short, precious and cannot be taken for granted. As the wife of one of the police officers, from a neighboring department, who went to provide back-up that morning, the feeling watching my husband walk out of the door is one that I hope no one ever has to experience. I was lucky in the sense that he came home at the end of the day, but it was not without grief and sadness for the loss of one of his brothers in blue.

Experiences like this make you realize just what is important in life, and what is not. Rather than letting ourselves get all caught up in social media, the news, and other events we need to focus on each other. We need to focus on raising our children to be accepting and empathic towards others. We as parents hold the key to the future of this country in how we raise our children. I urge everyone to take a breath and remember that love and tolerance are taught; and that our children are listening. I know it is isn’t easy, but it’s all something that we can work on as parents.


In memory of Scott Bashioum, may your family both blood and blue find support and peace in this time of tragedy.  

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