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Embracing Our Bookworm

We are hanging onto summer for as long as we can in our house. Summertime brings lots of fun activities and one that has really resonated with our family – visiting the library. I loved the library when I was younger. I remember during the summer, my mom was home because she was a teacher and we would walk to the library and get books. I can still remember the smell when we walked in there and it was always so cold, giving a break from the summer sun. We’d pick out our books, walk back home, have lunch and get ready for an afternoon nap. But first, we could read a book. This memory still makes me smile.

When we joined the local library this summer we were curious how our two year old would do – would he be interested? Would he care? What books would he pick?

There is so much to do at our library. Activities, group play, story time, messy Monday’s – something every day. And it’s sensory overload. I think it’s a nice mix of educating and playing.

Luke has really been excited each time he’s come home from the library, although Dad has helped with his book selection, because he’s often engaged in activity while we’re there, he is proud to talk about his reading list that evening and I love to watch the excitement on his face as he’s talking about the books and pictures on the cover.

Bedtime has been delayed by “I want to read another. Can we read Dunk Skunk again?” but that’s okay with me. As a mom, it makes me happy that he enjoys books as much as I did when I was younger. The other morning, while I was getting ready for work, I heard Luke in his room talking. I walked to the door to peek in. He was sitting on his sleeping bag with books all around him, reading. I love those moments.

Because this is our first experience with little ones at the library, I wanted to share a few books that we’ve loved reading and that Luke has enjoyed this summer:

  • Dunk Skunk by Michael Rex
  • Wet Dog by Elise Broach
  • Animal Antics A to Z by Barbara deRubertis– we have loved this series with all the characters and their silly stories! Rosie Raccoon’s Rock and Roll Raft has especially been a hit in our house
  • No Nap! Yes Nap! by Margie Palatini
  • I’m a Dirty Dinosaur by Janeen Brian & Ann James – we own this one, but it’s a hit, especially for little boys

I’d love to hear your experiences with reading, the library, and ways you’ve incorporated learning activities into your summer routines on your own.

What books or series have your children enjoyed reading? Are there activities at your local library that have been a big hit for your family? What library is it, or who hosts the best summer activities that have a reading theme to them?

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