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The Mommy Black Market

Deep in the dark web or perhaps your local BST lies a place that is full of fairytales and unicorns.  Yes, Virginia there are Santa Claus leggings.  Welcome to The Mommy Black Market.  A land of secret transactions and confusing abbreviations where women fall victim to market manipulation and love it.  Mommies ISO HTF BNWT rare unicorns for their DD but shh if you know them in RL don’t tell their DH or MIL.

Say what???

Exactly.  I can’t be the only one left in the world who thinks this is utterly insane.  This underworld was thrust upon me when I decided to venture into cloth diapering, which I love.  But not enough to pay triple market price for limited edition prints with rainbow snaps.  Would you pay extra for printed toilet paper?  I think not. Hey I admit some of these are really cute.  And who am I to judge when I have a hoard of designer shoes in my bedroom?(full disclosure I only buy things 90% off, but that’s another story.)  I just don’t get it.  Why $60 for something Prime has for $10.

Oh, but what about the resale value????? That is myth. One made up to appease angry husbands and partners who happen to stumble across your PayPal statement.  I see your post on Facebook trying to dump your over priced black market diapers with zero bids.  Remember how you bragged about your investment.  Ha!

Mama’s went crazy over this 1 of 5 diaper. Photo credit:


It’s not just diapers either.  Baby carriers, wraps, leggings, bags and accessory companies have seen the fruits of this marketing strategy.  Only to re-release elusive prints a few months later for mass distribution dashing the hopes of unicorn lovers everywhere. 


Ironically these unicorn leggings are listed at $120+. Photo Credit:


So, what’s my point?  Buy all the diapers or whatever floats your boat.  At regular price!  Or, if you are like me, stalk that bad boy ’til it hits clearance.  Don’t let companies manipulate your buying habits.  Don’t let Petty Betty who doesn’t have kids and can stay up til midnight so she can buy up all the new releases get rich off you.  Do enjoy life, and if you really want to invest in something, may I suggest a 529?

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