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That ‘A’ Word

We need to talk about the “A” word.  I’m not talking about the three letter “A” word.  I’m talking about Autism. I’m talking about the neurological and developmental disorder that can rock your world. April is autism awareness month and I want to share with you my experience as well as how you can be […]

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It wasn’t until the day after Valentine’s Day that I had a chance to sit down and look through my kids’ school Valentine’s cards. They are in kindergarten and second grade. The bags and boxes that l crafted were filled with adorable little cards from all of their class friends – because at that age […]

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The National Negro Opera House, Photo by Teenie Harris

Roberto Clemente, Steelers and Opera

Most Pittsburghers know who Teenie Harris is, but did you know his brother was legend in Pittsburgh history as well? William “Woogie” Harris was instrumental in the Pittsburgh we know today. He was a number runner and one of the cities few black millionaires. His generosity helped fund minority owned businesses and institutions when regular […]

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