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Support for Melissa’s Journey

AHN’s Jefferson Hospital Is First in Western PA to Earn Keystone 10 Designation for Breastfeeding Support Melissa Medsger could just picture it: A little more than a month from now, she’d be holding her newborn twins, Amelia and Elijah. And she’d begin breastfeeding them within minutes of their birth. Melissa had rehearsed that day in […]

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Life After Premies

We survived. Born two whole months early and just over four pounds, we made it through to the other side of parenting. Now I don’t worry about their fragility. I worry about them jumping on each other’s head, tearing pictures off the wall, and climbing onto anything they set their mind to. Our 32-week premature […]

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7 Simple Things Early Intervention Therapists Want Every New Mom to Know

Being a Mom is the toughest job there is and being a new Mom is definitely a whole new learning experience. You are bombarded with all sorts of information from your own Mom or Grandmother, you’ve read countless books or Googled articles on pregnancy and child rearing, and you’ve received the advice of countless well-meaning […]

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