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It wasn’t until the day after Valentine’s Day that I had a chance to sit down and look through my kids’ school Valentine’s cards. They are in kindergarten and second grade. The bags and boxes that l crafted were filled with adorable little cards from all of their class friends – because at that age […]

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Art in Color

We go to school and we go to the museum. We learn about Picasso and Van Gogh. And that is great, but what about the contributions of black artists. Where is there representation in the mainstream? With the unveiling of the Presidential Portrait which was painted by a young Black man I thought I would […]

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Allegheny County’s Black Founders

Originally our fair county was at one time Westmoreland County. So you can imagine in an age of horse and buggy transportation being so spread out was not very convenient when it came to conduction official business.  The local men of influence came together in 1788 and decided it was time to form their own […]

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Pittsburgh Gazette ads for the sale and return of slaves

Slaves In Pittsburgh

One of the cornerstones of Black History education is Slavery. It’s the one thing you can pretty much guarantee that will make it in a history book. However even with almost universal coverage in education what is taught is still skewed and tremendously lacking. If you ask someone about slavery the most likely answer will […]

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Get Ready to Run: Your Beginner Guide to Start Running Today!

Running has wonderful benefits for your overall health. Improved mood, more confidence, and less stress are just to name a few. It can also help aid in the prevention of disease, depression, and helps manage a healthy weight. If running is on your list of goals this year keep reading to make it happen!   First […]

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Girls Can’t Be Astronauts: Setting the Stage for Your Daughter in Preschool

I was driving my normally quite exuberant daughter home from preschool recently, when I noticed she was acting differently. Instead of excitedly recounting her day to me on the drive home, she seemed melancholy, slouched in her car seat, blankly staring out the window. When I asked her how her day went, my daughter murmured […]

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