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7 Simple Things Early Intervention Therapists Want Every New Mom to Know

Being a Mom is the toughest job there is and being a new Mom is definitely a whole new learning experience. You are bombarded with all sorts of information from your own Mom or Grandmother, you’ve read countless books or Googled articles on pregnancy and child rearing, and you’ve received the advice of countless well-meaning […]

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A Letter from Your Teacher

Dear Class of 2018, I remember you. Before fidget-spinners and dabbing, you danced Gangnam Style down the hallways and into my heart. You were my first group of sixth graders, and you introduced me to life as a middle school teacher. I really can’t help but wonder if you still sing  “You Don’t Know You’re […]

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Not a Movement

Our house doesn’t participate in high stakes tests like the PSSAs. Every year we get shamed by parents, patted on the back by teachers and hassled by administration.  But the truth is it was never suppose to be a movement.  It’s the best choice for Our kids and Our family.  Shortly after Alex’s diagnosis with […]

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