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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there. Motherhood is a beautiful, rewarding, and exhausting journey! For those of us that are mourning our own mothers that we have lost today, my heart goes out to you. Today, do something that will remind you of your mom, whether that is visiting her grave […]

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Nathan and me ~2008

The Stepmoms’ Mother’s Day

This is my baby’s first Mother’s Day, but not mine. Technically, I’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day – or rather, my husband has been celebrating Mother’s Day for me – for several years. Before I became Gabriel’s mom, I was – and always will be – Nathan’s stepmom. Even though this year feels different with the […]

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Life Lessons from MOM

As we go through life we encounter so many experiences and come in contact with so many people that ultimately help to define who we are as individuals. For me, the most influential and loving relationship in my life is with my mother! When we think about “mom” the first things that usually come to […]

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