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When Parents Bully

It was one of those magical moments out of a real estate commercial: My husband and I driving around what was to be our new neighborhood, with our faces lighting up like up like Christmas trees with every new street we approached. There were all types of different homes to choose from. The neighborhood included […]

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The Loyal One

One of the things I have really struggled with this summer is having a good group of mom friends. It’s a game changer when you have children with special needs, or if you have more than “normal” 2.5 kids. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, hanging out with “mom friends” over the summer […]

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Toddler cries reaching for object.

Surviving the Toddler MINE! Phase

“They” say moms have super human strength or reflexes when her child is in danger. When my 5-year-old rolled down that plastic “roller coaster” while his little 1-year-old brother was sprawled across the track crying “NO! MINE!” I flew across the yard and grabbed big brother just before two little arms were run over. This […]

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7 Simple Things Early Intervention Therapists Want Every New Mom to Know

Being a Mom is the toughest job there is and being a new Mom is definitely a whole new learning experience. You are bombarded with all sorts of information from your own Mom or Grandmother, you’ve read countless books or Googled articles on pregnancy and child rearing, and you’ve received the advice of countless well-meaning […]

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