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Finding My Mom Tribe

I felt completely alone when I first had my son, and I probably should have. I was an only child raising a child with a disability. With the exception of my own mother, I didn’t feel as though I had many moms to relate to or vent with. I sort of scoffed at the idea […]

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Super-Dad, Super-Husband

Thirty years ago, today, the man who would one day become my husband and the father of my child was born.  I’ve only been fortunate enough to know him for twenty percent of his life, but its been an eventful twenty percent. Prior to meeting Charlie, I often wondered if I would end up getting […]

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My Marriage Is An Adult

It’s not two decades yet, but yet it still feels like some sort of a milestone. 18 years. My marriage is an adult today. Dear Lord it feels so much longer! I mean that in no offense at all to my dear husband. In fact we have known each other a bit longer than that. […]

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Mom Timeout

Sometimes, I Need a Timeout

I’m gonna be real for a second – sometimes I need a TO. Like, more than hiding in the closet for a few minutes or taking an extra-long shower. Between the loads of laundry, weekday schedules, sleep schedules (or lack thereof), disciplining, the question of “what’s for dinner?”, trying to keep the house from not […]

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I Married a Micromanager

Ok, so the title may make it seem like my husband is horrible – but in reality he is a kind, sweet, loving man and an awesome father….he just likes some things to be done in a particular way.  For example, the other morning, I was writing a list up on the dry erase board […]

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