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Why I Requested Early Intervention for My Son (Even Though He’s Meeting All His Milestones)

Early intervention services are critical tools for babies and young children who need a little extra help meeting physical or developmental milestones. Therapists use a variety of strategies centered around play to help babies walk, encourage toddlers to talk, assist young children in mastering fine and gross motor skills, and so much more. Did you […]

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When The Husband’s Away

I readily admit that when it comes to my husband’s job, my family is very lucky. His boss is very understanding when I have appointments that mean he comes in late so I don’t have to take the kids. He works longer days, but has almost every other Friday at home. Since our closest family […]

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Toddler cries reaching for object.

Surviving the Toddler MINE! Phase

“They” say moms have super human strength or reflexes when her child is in danger. When my 5-year-old rolled down that plastic “roller coaster” while his little 1-year-old brother was sprawled across the track crying “NO! MINE!” I flew across the yard and grabbed big brother just before two little arms were run over. This […]

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