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Ladies… Don’t Forget Your Husband

engagementAs my husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary last week, I sat down and reflected that in this season of our lives, we don’t always put our relationship first.

In general, when you begin dating someone, your whole life revolves around that person. There is no one you would rather do things with then that special someone. Ohiopyle 2005This is a really important part of a relationship because that is when you are completely infatuated with each other.

Well fast forward 11 years and were not in college anymore where are biggest dilemma was what we should do on a Friday night. Now were parents of three kiddos under 5 and both work full time. This doesn’t mean your spouse shouldn’t still be the focal point of your life! As mom’s we are so busy trying to keep up with everyone’s schedule, pay bills, cook dinner, and clean the house that sometimes we forget our husbands! I know I’m personally guilty of doing this!

In our 8th year of marriage I’m going to work on remembering to go on date nights and be appreciative of everything he does for our family.  I’m not saying we need to be fifties housewives who are all dressed up in heels with dinner on the table, I’m simply saying I should probably put him before my friends and kids sometimes 🙂

Speaking of our friendships, I think one thing that most women are guilty of is talking bad about our husbands to others. I think Facebook groups are great and can say the support I have gotten from many have gotten me through some very hard points in life but they are not the place for badmouthing our partners. Don’t get me wrong I think it is totally ok to vent to your close friend but you probably don’t need to be venting to your 1000 closest social media friends.

AK_TREEBACKAFR_7664333793Now that I’ve confessed to the internet world, my plan for this year, I hope you can all keep me accountable!!! Lets face it, without my husband and I  falling in love in the first place, we would never be in the season of parenthood!

Let me know your favorite date night idea or how you keep the focus on your marriage!

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One Response to Ladies… Don’t Forget Your Husband

  1. August 29, 2016 at 3:26 pm #

    As a husband, I would say that he would really appreciate that! Its so easy to get caught up with life, catching up with friends etc, its so easy to overlook that quality time because our spouse is always there right? Hey, we are all guilty of it but I think recognizing the need for it and making time for it is a great first step!