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An Open Letter to the Mothers of the Class of 2018

Dear Moms of the Class of 2018,

I know you probably have mixed emotions right now. You must be thrilled at the idea of watching your graduates walk across the stage. You’re also likely questioning whether or not you have done “enough” to prepare them for what lies beyond it. 

I’m here to assure you that not only have you done enough, it’s obvious you’ve gone above and beyond.

You see, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this class since they were sophomores. I’m a mom who spends 180 days a year teaching other mothers’ children. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your kids make it easy for me to love what I do.

Though I’m sincerely sad to see your children go, I’m excited to see what they do outside the walls of our school. The potential within this class is limitless. You, Moms of the Class of 2018, have helped raise young people who will very likely change this world for the better.

Here are just a handful of the many reasons why:

This class is not afraid to voice its opinions. Unfortunately, this year’s graduates have seen more tragedy during their senior year than many of us saw throughout our entire high school careers. No matter what their opinions, the members of The Class of 2018 have discovered ways to tactfully and intelligently voice them. Whether it be verbally or in written form, your kids have big ideas, and they aren’t afraid to express them. Their views are interesting, and their arguments are valid. 

This class had drive. Even some of you moms may be rolling your eyes at this one, but please hear me out. The Class of 2018 has been told that they can be and do anything they please, and they believe it. Their plans for the future never cease to amaze me. Their dreams of being doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, artists, chefs and soldiers are more than admirable. It’s largely because of you that these won’t stay just dreams. The Class of 2018 has the confidence to go out and reach their goals.

This class is kind. I am not naive, and I know that students often put on their best faces for school. I also know that social media makes it all too easy for today’s students to be cruel to one another. However, I’ve seen time and time again just how KIND this class can be.

This year’s graduates committed many random acts of kindness when they thought no one was looking. Whether it be overtipping a sweet (in their words “dad like”) waiter on a field trip, volunteering at our local food banks and blood drives, or simply going out of their way to talk to a classmate who needed a friend, these kids were constantly sprinkling kindness throughout our community. This unselfish giving that you’ve worked to instill in your children is by far their best trait.

What I’m trying to say is… please know that as your babies cross that stage and you cry tears of joy mixed with just a touch of sadness, many of your children’s teachers will be right there with you. It has been a pleasure to not only teach, but also get to know The Class of 2018. You’ve done good, Mamas. The confidence, drive, and compassion you’ve poured into your seniors shines. Know that though they appreciate you, it may still be a few years before they thank you for all you’ve done. But as someone who has had the privilege of watching them grow, I wanted to seize the opportunity to personally thank you for raising some seriously awesome young people before it slipped right out the door.



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