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The Ever-Evolving WHY in Our Lives

What drives you? What motivates you? What is your WHY for being you and doing what you do?

The beautiful thing is that it is different for everyone. That’s what makes the good in this world such a gift to witness. We all bring such wonderful gifts to the table. Sometimes, I think, we can get stuck on having a cemented WHY. But, when life takes an unplanned turn, it can be tempting to lose hope with regards to our WHY. It’s amazing to see how much life can change over a couple of years and even in a couple of seconds, for that matter. We can plan all that we want, but, when it all boils down, we are sometimes left with unexpected circumstances.

It is in these moments of adversity that we might wonder, “What am I doing? Why is this happening? Do I have strength to continue?” That is normal. On the flip side, I want to encourage all of us as moms to not tend towards the reactionary response. I’m guilty of it and I believe that it only breeds negativity and a sense of martyrdom to our life’s picture. Almost like a “Well that is too bad, but I guess I will just have to deal with it” attitude, as if good can never come from it.

When we are faced with an unexpected, whether exciting or scary, how do we respond? At first it can be hard. But, once I come to my senses I have found what works for me. I know my faith carries me, so that is where I go. In fact, I run there. Then I know that I’ve been given a gift, my WHY in this life. So, I go THERE next. I go to that WHY.

Our circumstances shape us and mold us. We come before others that we can help and encourage in ways that our life’s stories have taught us to persevere. Let’s use our WHY and the wonderful lessons that we glean from our lives – the good and the bad – to be the love that we want to see in the world. The curve balls and even predictable pitches we receive in this life offer an ever-evolving aspect¬†to our WHY. And that is beautiful. It’s raw and it might be messy at times. Each of you have something entirely unique you can offer your family, friends, community and this world.

Let us persevere in this life and be the love we want to see in this world.



PC: The Vintage Button Photography Pittsburgh

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PC: The Vintage Button Photography Pittsburgh

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