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No More Toys! A Mother’s Plea When Christmas Shopping

With Christmas only a few weeks away I wanted to drop some helpful hints.


Too much? Let me start by saying I appreciate everything my family and friends buy for my son. Whether it is his birthday, special occasion, holiday or just because he is always showered with gifts. 

For this reason and many others, I urge you to not buy him any more toys. 

Our house is literally overflowing with Fisher Price, Build a Bear, and Tonka Trucks. Toys are like a favorite Dr. Seuss story. Some are upstairs, some are downstairs, and some even in our cars. Some are noisy, some are bright, and some even come in pairs. Help us, toys are here, there, and everywhere! 

Instead of toys, I provided a list for alternate gifts for the Christmas season and years to follow. 

  1. Savings: Our sons future is very important to us and saving for his future is stressful. If you would like to gift money you would be able to contribute to his savings account, a potential 529 plan, or even an IRA. Since we do not want to tie up all of his funds in an education account, we have many options on how to invest his money. Help us invest in his future.toyblog5
  2. Clothes: It is no surprise that children outgrow their clothes every other day. I am constantly buying pants, shirts, pajamas, and everything else in between. Ease the burden a little bit by buying an outfit or two. 
  3. Gift Cards: My husband is going to kill me for this one because he thinks gift cards are impersonal, but I love them! When asking me about what you should buy my son I may have an answer or I may say some random thing I think he may want or need. The beauty of the gift card is I can purchase something he really needs or wants when the time is right. 
  4. Over The Top: Next to gift cards, I also love combined presents. Instead of a bunch of little gifts, pitch in with friends and family for one big gift. For example, together you can buy a bicycle, swing set, or even an iPad. These will be show stoppers and guarantee a smile that could light up the room Christmas morning. toyblog4
  5. Sports: It is no secret our son loves hockey and it is no surprise that hockey is super expensive. Soon we will be starting him on the ice. That means he needs ice skates, a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, hockey sticks, pucks, and a hockey bag. Maybe even some bubble wrap so he doesn’t get hurt, but that’s just the mom side in me! In the future, he will even need lessons. Help us invest in our future Pittsburgh Penguin.
  6. Toys: If buying toys is an absolute must then please buy books, anything educational, or ask for a list of his favorite things. Do not buy anything violent, toys that have a million pieces, or toys that take an army to build. 


Just know, we will always be beyond grateful no matter what option you decide. 

Merry Christmas!

xoxo The Piacquadio’s


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