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A Letter to My Two Year Old

Dear Daughter,

It is hard to believe that you will turn two in just a few short days (and be two the day this blog is posted). I truly feel like it was just yesterday that we were awing over you being six months old and just getting to know you. I don’t know if it is because this will be your last birthday as an only child, or if two is just that much more emotional. Sure, your first birthday was filled with a lot of emotions, but it was mainly all happiness – I mean you not only turned one, but your dad and I survived our first year as parents.

But, two… two feels so different. You are so different. You have gone from a baby to a sassy toddler with more personality than I ever thought possible in such a little girl. Each and every day you are doing something new – and I could not be more proud of you; and at the same time with each new word and skill I can’t help but also feel a twinge of sadness. Just his week you’ve added daddy and mommy to your vocabulary, rather than dada and mama, while it makes me smile, it also makes me long for your baby babbles.

I would also be lying if I said things have gotten easier – I actually feel far more prepared for having a newborn again than I do to take on your second year of life. I don’t always completely understand your thinking (I’m sure you don’t either), and I often find myself taking an extra breath before responding to your meltdown about which cup you want to use today. Your newfound independence has also taken me for a loop lately. You used to love just riding in the shopping cart and being carried, and now you constantly look at me saying “walk, walk” – as you in insist on pushing the shopping cart through the store.  

You are quickly growing up and I know if I even so much as blink that I am sure to miss something. Even through the tough days, meltdowns, and sass that you bring on a daily basis I am doing my best to focus on the joy that you have brought into my life. Your smile and laugh are two of the most amazing things in my life. When call out for me in in the mornings I love coming into your room and seeing your messy curls and sleepy smile.    

Each and every day you surprise me and keep me on my toes. You have taught me to let go of needing to have control, or to assume that I know how a situation will go. We may not always be able to have a calm dinner in a restaurant and grocery shopping may take an extra 30 minutes, but I wouldn’t trade this stage for anything, for I know it won’t last and before I know it you will be three and we will experience a whole new phase of life…..together.  


Happy Birthday Baby Girl!




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  1. Villa Tatili June 11, 2017 at 1:07 am #

    She is so cute… xxx
    Happy birthday