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The Secret of the Best Workout Program. Revealed.

Over the past 3 years, my career switched from oncology social work to work-from-home online health coach.

Along the way, I’ve been through my own weight loss transformation (down 25lbs!), and the ups and downs that go along with it. As a coach, I’ve helped others navigate the road of health and fitness as well. I have built a thriving community of people who want to stay on the path to health and fitness long-term, no matter the pace. 

I like to think of myself as a transformation-story-collector.

What I’ve found is that not much compares to having even a small hand in helping someone feel and look like who they want to become. (I’ve seen the others side of wellness, having worked in oncology. I’ve held someone’s hand as they stared in the face of disease. Walking a path with others toward health is just plain joyful!)  

In my coaching role now, I find myself answering the same question a lot: What’s the best workout program? 

I am convinced there is an answer. But it’s probably not what you’d expect. 

The Best Workout Program Does Existbest workout

Well then, what IS the best workout program out there?

Let’s start by saying that there are tons, I mean tons of great answers.

When I’m talking with someone new who asks me this, I usually start by answering with a few of my own questions – Are you interested in cardio or weights? Do you like dance or yoga? Tell me about specific goals you might have? Do you have a specific time frame in mind (upcoming wedding, reunion, etc)?

But then… my social worker/therapist hat comes on. 

And I think back to one of the most profound, yet simple concepts of therapy. It is perhaps the most underestimated, yet most powerful goal of the first session: get the client to come back to the second session.

True story. And probably the most impactful lesson of my education as a therapist. 

Because here’s the real question: what good can anyone be as a therapist, coach, teacher, mentor, helper, or even friend be if the person we are trying to help only comes for one session? More important than any theory, technique, or philosophy is the relationship: therapist to client, teacher to student, coach to challenger.    

The Secret Best Workout

So now I can reveal to you the secret of the best workout program…. it’s the one you will actually do. The one you will come back to for a second session. The one that will motivate you to keep going. 

Simple, right? 

There really are some amazing programs out there. But they will only work if you actually do them.

So my advice? Don’t get caught up in finding the one that’s worked for this person or that person.  

Find the one that will make you want to push play on Day 2. Then do it. 

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