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Healthy Restart for Mornings

Now that my kids are back to school and we have adjusted to our new school routine, I have begun to make changes to their breakfast menu– specifically I have started eliminating the sugary foods that my kids (and I) have gotten used to–specifically pop tarts, donuts, and sugarcoated cereals.

Prior to my healthy restart, I was feeling sluggish immediately after breakfast — and I can only imagine how my kids were feeling after filling their bellies with high sugar foods and then going to sit in a classroom for hours. So in an effort to begin a healthy regimen so my kids are able to put their best foot forward at school, and I am able to put my best foot forward as a mom — here are some suggestions for healthy breakfast foods that are quick and easy as well as  approved by my kiddos.

  1. Hard cooked eggs and fruit

I cook my eggs on Sunday evening and they are ready for the school/work week. I also purchase seasonal fruit to accompany the hard cooked eggs. Additionally, I serve this breakfast with a scoop of cottage cheese–my teens love it.

2. Quick cook oats and honey

Quick cook oats only take a few minutes to cook. This is a hardy breakfast–and it works well for my teenage son whose belly is never full for very long. Additionally a tablespoon of peanut butter stirred into the warm oats is a nice alternative/change up to honey. This breakfast is perfect for the chilly mornings that are just around the corner.  

3. Coconut Milk and Kashi Cereal

My kids do not seem to get enough protein or fiber, but this cereal is a great mix of both. Coconut milk pairs well with this cereal and is a nice alternative to dairy milk. 

4. Greek yogurt with granola cereal

Mix half a cup of Greek yogurt with granola cereal. Top with seeds or fruit. 

This is another healthy breakfast that my teenage son loves. To the granola and yogurt, he adds  in a mix of flax, chia and sunflower seeds as well as blueberries, bananas or strawberries. 

5. Chocolate almond milk and Special K Chocolaty Delight

This is my favorite breakfast. I have a sweet tooth and this combination allows for me to indulge. This is also a favorite for all of  my children. 

And for my teenage kids I also offer green tea as a drink with breakfast. I invested in an electric kettle and this has been a great addition to our morning routine. And in the evenings, my teens love a cup of tea while they are doing homework–chamomile, green, peppermint, and chai seem to be their favorites.

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