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Carol’s Quick Guide to Extreme Couponing


Believe it or not… it is really easy to save a lot of money once you figure out how.

It comes down to 2 factors….
1. Knowing when a sale price is at its rock-bottom lowest,
2. Using you “stash” of coupons against those rock-bottom sale prices.

Visit this link for a standard stock-up-price-list.

I use this list as a reference, but you can make your own. I just go to a store such as Aldi, which typically has very discounted prices on average, and write down the price for things I always need.

3 basic things to remember about Couponing:

  1. Match Coupons with Sales and Promotions – save your coupons for a good sale.
  2. Stack Your Coupons – you can use a store coupon with a manufacture coupon
  3. Double Coupons – only Giant Eagle, Shop ‘n’ Save, and Kuhn’s doubles coupons up to $.99 everyday.

Now where to find coupons?You can sign up for home delivery of the local newspaper containing coupon inserts at

**DEAL ALERT** Giant Eagle in McIntyre Square has Sunday papers for –  $2.50 for 2

Online or Printable Coupons – I recommend you sign up for a “dump” email account to use if you sign up for a website that has coupons. That way they don’t fill up your regular email with junk. Or, you can create a folder in your inbox and filter the frequent emails there for reference.

Check out the – I love this site. They have a tab for all printable coupons and they explain how to get the deal.

Another great one is – This lady is local, and has Giant Eagle and Shop ‘n’ Save deals.

That pretty much it. Just keep an eye out for deals, and… get a copy of each store’s coupon policy to keep with you.

Now exhale…… and relax.

The industry standard for coupon and sale cycles is three to four months.

I hope this all makes sense? Any question leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Happy Couponing!

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