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Mom Confession: Having Kids Has Made Me a Wuss!

After having two kids you are lucky that your bladder still holds you safe till you get to the potty on time. Add the scare factors around every corner during October and I find that I may have to buy a package of Depends to make it through the scary movies and Facebook videos I see pop up!

I don’t know why but ever since having kids anything scary, whether it be real or fake, has me scared way more than it used to. I thought this was just me! I thought maybe as I got older I was just becoming more spooked and that was normal, everyone eventually gets this way. However, I talked to other mommies, and daddies too, and they felt as if everything also got scarier as they had kids.

I wonder if it has to do with reality hitting you in the face and knowing you have a little one to care for? I know that I don’t want my little ones to have anything to worry about. So I shield them from most scary things whether it is news related or even just a scary clown picture. However, I do remember that some scary is fun and can be enjoyable.

However, I don’t want them to have nightmares like I did as a kid after watching IT and Killer Clowns from Outer Space. (Yeah my dad didn’t shield me one bit haha!)

I grew up watching scary things on TV. I watched Tales from the Crypt, Stephen King movies, and the Chucky movies at a very young age. Staying up late to watch these movies with my dad and covering my eyes when things bolted across the screen or there was a scary laugh. But even though I was scared I was always told “it isn’t real, there is nothing to worry about”

Well, now I try to tell myself that and I feel that it doesn’t shake that scared feeling. I see even the trailers to scary movies online or at the theater and I am quaking in my fuzzy slippers. Sometimes I can’t even come to terms with the fact that something so fake is not real.

I won’t even dare set foot at a haunted house anymore or even dare to go to Kennywood fright nights knowing that I will be scared senseless and won’t be able to sleep for days. Why has it all changed on me?

Having kids has made me a wuss!

I am so nervous about them and their futures that I have let all scary things become amplified.

I know they said that when kids come into your life everything changes… 

but man do they ever! I guess I’ll go back to watching Hocus Pocus and my kiddie Halloween movies now…

Has this happened to you? Are you more scared too?

Tell me I am not alone!

Anyways… Have a Happy (and maybe not too spooky) Halloween!

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