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Holiday Cards – One of My Favorite Holiday Traditions

Sending and receiving holiday cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions. As soon as the calendar turns to December, checking the mailbox becomes so much more exciting. Its no longer filled with solely credit card offers and bills! Last year, my toddler even got into checking the mail with me and hanging the cards of our friends and loved ones in the kitchen. I know many people think its vain to send out picture cards of their family and children, but I absolutely love getting them and disagree. I really enjoy looking at our friends’ holiday cards, but also enjoy sending ours to family and friends. Here are some of my favorite things about holiday cards:

Family Christmas Cards

Having pictures of loved ones proudly displayed.

We use a piece of festive ribbon, hang it over our kitchen cabinets, and attached the cards with clothespins. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I smile while be reminded of all the special people we have in our lives. Since we have friends and family all over the country, there are many people we don’t get to see on a yearly basis. Their holiday cards give me the opportunity to see how the kids are growing and changing.

Family Christmas Cards

It motivates me to take family pictures.

 Almost all of the pictures I take of our kids, are taken on my iPhone. Once the holiday season rolls around, I schedule family pictures with a local photographer or take out my DSLR. I love that holiday card season helps me to remember to take nice pictures to capture our family that year.

I love looking back on how our family has changed from year to year.

 Every year after sending out our holiday cards, I frame a copy for us to keep. I store them away with our Christmas decorations. When we decorate for the season, we display all our past holiday cards. It’s a great reminder to count our blessings from the past year and see how much we all have grown.


Family Christmas Cards

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