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Time to party! It is Mardi Gras!

Winter is winding down and before the Lent season is upon us it is the perfect time to party. That’s right everyone, it is time for Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)!

The day before Ash Wednesday is a time to go all out and eat whatever you’d like. It is the day to party it up before the Lent Season, the time of fasting before Easter, a Christian holiday. Celebrations include fun food, drinks, parties, beads, dancing, music, cake, and parades. So what are some fun ways you can bring Mardi Gras to your home to celebrate?

Fun Foods

Mardi Gras is additionally known as Pancake day in some areas of the world. So go ahead whip up some pancakes for breakfast! You can top them off with colorful sprinkles in the royal Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold. Then, dress the pancakes up with yummy whip cream!

Unless you are a wiz in the kitchen, you can head to your local grocery and pick up some paczkis, which are a polish pastry much like a donut. Then continue a sweets day with some beignets (powdered covered donuts) and a King Cake. Bring on the sweets!

A King Cake is a way to celebrate and pick out the Mardi Gras royalty for the parade by placing a bean or plastic baby inside a cake. Whoever receives the piece of cake with the bean (or baby) would be crowned king or queen of the parade! This would be easy and fun to do at home with whoever gets the bean or baby would wear a crown for the day!

Also, bring the NOLA flair into your home with some yummy jambalaya and gumbo for dinner!

Crafts for kids

Get your glue, glitter and construction paper and create some one of a kind Mardi Gras decorations. You could create some fun masks for your home carnival. Decorate the masks with feathers and lots of glitters then attach with a rubber band, string, or connect to a pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to romp with the best of the party-goers. Don’t forget your many colorful beads and wild costumes.

Next, create some fun paper chains with purple, green and gold colors to cover your home. This is a fun easy way to decorate that the kids can help with.

Finally, you can create an awesome crown for your King or Queen of Mardi Gras! Have the kids add jewels and feathers to make the crown outstanding. Truly fit for a royal.

Party away

It is time to party!

Now, get out your decorations, crowns, masks and all the food. Get your tummy ready to eat and gorge yourself on all the sweets you can find. Then take the sugar high and run around the house or neighborhood dressed in your best costume. Blast the jazz and NOLA party music and get to dancing!

Have yourself a fun and exciting Mardi Gras!

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