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5 Active Things To Do Inside in the Winter in Pittsburgh with Big Kids

With cold winters and lots of rainy days, sometimes it’s hard to have kids pent up inside. Luckily, Pittsburgh has a lot of fun places to take big kids to get their energy out or to help them be active. Here are 5 of our favorites.


Located in Leetsdale, Skyzone is an indoor trampoline park. It’s pricey, but you should be able to find periodic groupons or other deals. The price varies for how long you jump. There is a basketball area, a free jump area, a foam pit, and two dodgeball courts. My boys LOVE playing dodgeball there, and my daughter loves practicing her flips and front handsprings in the free jump area. After an hour, my kids are sweaty and exhausted!


Located in Warrendale, Bounce U is full of inflatable play structures. They mostly have birthday parties, but do have open bounce times, for about $10 per kid. They also have family bounce times. Lots of fun!

The Wheel Mill

The Wheel Mill is an indoor bike park located in Homewood West. It is huge. My kids found it a little intimidating at first, but I signed them up for an hour group lesson and by the end of the lesson, they felt totally comfortable. The instructor was great, and they learned a lot. They have been begging to go back ever since!

Fun Slides

Fun Slides is an indoor carpet skate park located in Ross Township. It is very big, with a lot of slides and ramps. They also have a bounce house area, a dodgeball area, and an obstacle course area, but those all cost extra. The price varies according to how long you are there, and it is on the pricier side, so I usually buy a Groupon for a better deal. My kids love it.

Climb North

Climb North is an indoor rock climbing gym located in Hampton Township and is part of Jewarts Gymnastics. They offer classes and memberships if your kid is really into climbing. It is a great workout and a ton of fun!

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