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Creating Fun Times for Kids on a Budget


People often associate having fun needs big bucks. While it does help of course, a big total doesn’t mean you can’t make fun memories.  There’s nothing wrong with spending for our kids, they deserve it. 🙂 However it can add up after a while and I’m sure, like most families, there are bills and other things to pay for too.With warm weather making its way back our kiddos are going to be looking at us to keep them entertained. Plus school will be out soon so there will be lot’s of time to spare. Here are a few ways to have fun with your kids this spring and not break the bank.


    1. Bust out the arts and crafts- Art is so positive and stimulating.  It allows us to express ourselves in a beautiful way.  Arts and crafts is equally good for our little ones so why not let them enjoy.  A huge bonus is it very cost friendly.  Check out your local craft store for kid friendly paint, crayons, colored pencils, you name it.  My favorites are Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  The dollar store is a great place to save as well, especially the stores where everything is a dollar.  Don’t be afraid to use items you have at home too.  We all have some scratch paper that can be turned into beautiful masterpieces. 🙂 Be sure to put up any tools used so they’re ready to go for next time.

naturewalk122. Go outside- This is totally free which means its far from a budget buster.  Fresh air is great for everyone and a lot of fun can be done outside.  My go to for warm days is busting out the kiddie pool and watching my daughter have a blast and I don’t have to spend anything.  The pool was a gift, but I know they aren’t very expensive.  Take a nature walk with the kids, try a new park, or an old favorite.  Be sure to keep the sunscreen on you for days you go outside.  I love these days because everyone always sleeps so well at night.

3. Find deals and freebies- Utilize your social media.  Use your social networks to find fun things to do with your kids.  One thing I love about Pittsburgh is there always seems to be something fun going on for the little ones.  My family was lucky enough to meet Peppa Pig for free! How? I saw it on my Facebook timeline.  I was just scrolling away and found a free activity for my kids. Story time and pictures with Peppa the Pig, one of my daughters favorite characters. It was at Learning Express Toys in Robinson, Pa.  Here is us that day, it was super fun.



Being a working mom I understand the budget struggle.  You want to have fun but also save for the future or right now.  Hopefully these tips can help inspire some fun and save some pretty pennies.  What do you like to do for fun that doesn’t require a lot of money? Please comment and share what you love to.  Share this for a mom you may know who needs a little bit of help finding what to do.  Also be sure to come back for some DIY tutorials 🙂

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