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Our Favorite Get Wet Places in Pittsburgh

Summer is hot. And it’s fun to get wet. Here are some of our favorite places to cool off during the summer heat for…wait for it…free! (Gasp! Applause!)

Henle Park Splash Pad


This splash pad is located in Leetsdale, just north of Sewickley, at the intersection of 65 and Ferry St. The water is turned on Thursday-Sunday from noon to 6pm. The water is often cold, so it’s best to go on a really hot day. There is also a playground and a snack shack.

Troy Hill Spray Park


This spray park is lots of fun because it has a nice variety of water sprayers. It is located on Goettman Street in Troy Hill and is open daily from 11am-8pm. There is also a playground next to the spray park.

Station Square Fountain

station square

These fountains shoot water choreographed to music – the Bellagio of Pittsburgh, so to speak. Ha! Shows take place every twenty minutes starting at 9am until midnight. You won’t get completely soaked from these fountains, but it is fun to listen to the music and stand near enough to get sprayed.

South Side Fountains


My kids love these fountains. We bring a picnic lunch and spread out on the grass. The water shoots out of holes in the ground, and the kids can run across it. I believe the water turns on at 11am, but don’t quote me on that. The fountain is located right in front of Cheesecake Factory on the South Side.

Water Steps


The water steps are always a hit. These are located on the North Shore Riverfront, close to PNC Park. There’s a great view of the city, and the steps create fun waterfalls for the kids to play in.

Moraine State Park

IMG_6493 IMG_6540

This is about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh, but it’s one of our favorite places to go. The North Shore and the South Shore both have sandy beach areas and roped-off swim areas. My kids could spend all day here swimming and playing in the sand. The North Shore has food concessions and the South Shore has a playground and volleyball pit. It’s worth the drive.

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