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3 Quick Tips for Parents Visiting Children’s Hospital

For the past 6 years, there have been times where we have practically lived at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. At times our doctors didn’t have all of the answers, and at times our wait has been long. But even when our son was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor and my husband and I were scared for his life, he was not. He has always looked forward to his days at CHP like we are going to an amusement park not a hospital. His all time favorite part is catching up with any of the therapy dogs. At the time of his diagnosis Alex was 5 years old. His oncologist explained to him that his tumor was making his body do silly things some time. Permanently, yet unknowingly, naming his tumor his silly bump.

If you ever find your family at CHP here’s a list of things to make your stay a little more comfortable. 

*Skip the vending machines, family snack kitchens are scattered through out the hospital. 

*If your child is upset or resisting a test or medical procedure contact a child life specialist. They have all kinds of awesome tricks up their sleeves that will help relieve any stress your child may be experiencing. 

* If your child is able, allow him or her to explore the hospital. There are tons of things to do and see, from playrooms, to model trains. If your child is contagious or can not leave their room for another reason talk to the hospital staff about bringing some fun to them, toys, video games and coloring books are always available. 




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