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936 Saturdays

There are about 936 Saturdays to spend with your baby until he/she turns 18–from birth to when he/she is legally an adult–and possibly off to college and/or out of the house. 936 Saturdays. Factor in extra curricular activities, birthday parties, and the times that your kids will want to spend with friends–then suddenly you find yourself short on Saturdays–short on time to raise children in the ways of kindness, generosity, humility. Short on time spent with the entire family–together. 936 Saturdays. My oldest son is almost 16, so I am down to 104 Saturdays with him. He was born, I blinked, and he will be 16 in a few weeks. 


Time is deceptive. Raising children makes for long days, sleepless nights and blurred years. And somehow while trying to muddle through parenting–keeping everyone safe and fed and clothed and relatively ‘happy’– they have grown up right before my eyes without me being fully aware. I feel like I am a living example of the phrase: “You cannot see the forest for the trees.” The daily grind of raising a family– being on ground zero and dealing with the minutia of everyday existence (figuring out dinner, packing lunches, driving kids from point A to B) has left me unaware of the time that passed so quickly by.

Time is a non-renewable resource. Time spent with family–making memories, forging bonds between myself and each of my children, and making sure I have set the groundwork for their continued bonds with each other– that when they reach adulthood they will be in each other’s inner circle/defender/best friends is how I want to spend my remaining Saturdays. 

Time is precious. Live your 936 Saturdays to the fullest as Saturdays are a gift. I’m not advocating elaborate vacations with your family or buying your children toys to show your love–but instead–be present. Be aware of the time you have with your little ones and savor the memories you create in the ordinary moments of family life–game night, movie night, bike rides, evening walks, ice cream outings–these ordinary moments when strung together create a lifetime of happiness. And your 936 Saturdays will be well spent without regrets.

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