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A letter to my daughters

Last week my youngest daughter cried because I put her hair in an Afro. She said people would make fun of her. My oldest wrote and essay on how at times her skin tone made her feel ugly. And my middle daughter cries when they tease her at school. I can hug them and love them til they can’t stand it but there are images everywhere feeding into their insecurities. The only Black Disney Princess was a frog for 90% of the movie. Fashion magazines didn’t accept braids until Kylie wore them. The imagery and messages are incessant. So I wrote this to remind them of their beauty.


So what you don’t look like a princess,

Paraded around on TV and movies with long flowing hair.

You don’t have a tiny little nose and big blue eyes.

Don’t cry when you look in the mirror.

Don’t worry that others might not understand the beauty

That God designed just for you.

He gave your hair the ability to stand up

And reach out towards him so he’s always that much closer.

Your melanin allows you to bask in and absorb his ever-loving glory.

Use those full lips to announce your presence and demand respect.

Those thick thighs and broad shoulders will allow you to carry on.

You can’t be broken.

He made you that way on purpose.

You never need to cry

Because the generations before you have cried rivers so you don’t have to.

Your body and your hair tell

one of the greatest stories ever told.

Wear it proudly as you write the next chapter.

My youngest rockin’ her natural crown.


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One Response to A letter to my daughters

  1. Melissa June 30, 2017 at 6:49 am #

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You make a great point about Princess and the Frog. Tiana is my kids’ favorite princess. 🙂 my hope is that we’ll continue to see more mainstream movies with people of color as the leads, especially for our girls. We all benefit as a society when everyone is included. The stories we tell are powerful and make a difference in our children’s lives! Thank you again for sharing!