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A Letter to My Husband

Dear husband on your 30th birthday,

I’m exhausted and tired and the kids are crying or asking me to chase them and then you come home from work and all that becomes better. I can breath a sigh of relief knowing that you are here to save the day, you are here to help take the crying-hasn’t-taken-a-nap baby out of my arms and let me take a rest for even a few minutes. You come home, do all that, and cook dinner and it makes a stressful day filled with crying kids so much better.


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Before we had kids, even going back to the dating days, our lives were simpler and we were able to go out any time of the night, pick up a scoop of gelato or a burrito and camp out under the stars talking about what our futures would be like or what crazy hopes and dreams we had. In high school, it was the immediate future… “College, what will that be like? What were we going to do away from each other for so long?” … Then as college ended it became “where do we go from here? To a proposal under those same stars. You have always pushed me and hoped for me to pursue my every dream and I did, and still do. And I hope that you get that spark of passion to pursue your dreams too.

Chase your dreams, it is what we are told from when we are little and first it is our mothers and fathers pushing us to be whatever we want to be, next it is our spouse’s turn to stand on the sidelines and be a cheerleader. I hope that I help you want to become who you want to be. I hope I share your drive and determination that you have for me to become what I want to be. Even now, we are still young; there are still dreams to be dreamt and new adventures to be lived. Having a family is just one big step into the many adventures to come; the kids can come too, especially to Disney World… definitely to Disney World.

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Some days we stay up late, talking about all the fun things we hope to happen in our life times. Whether it is some new technologies we hope make our lives easier to what we hope our children will be when they grow up. What will we do once our children have gone off to be adults and go on to figuring out their own careers or start their own families?

One day we will travel… oh’ the places we will go. One day we will own our own B&B in the heart of Ireland or on the Northeastern coasts. It is important we have those talks, to find our future, to dream and dream big, and to know that we will be in each other’s lives for a long time. Those dreams are fluid and flexible but it is good to know you will be there to be my partner through it all.


Things in my life haven’t been easy; it has been hard to see through it without the help of my family. I always hoped I’d find someone like you to help me work through the difficulties and shine through the good days. I prayed for someone like you to call my husband. I hoped for someone like you to call my best friend. I watched all the love stories as a child and teenager and hoped one day that someone like you would be plucked from the heavens and set before me as I plucked petals from a daisy.

You are an amazing, kindhearted man and I know our children will have someone to look up to as they become who they are meant to be. I know your dad would be proud of you and I know your mom and brother are every day. You are so hardworking and giving of your time and love, and even though you are a burly man on the outside you truly are my teddy bear.

Happy Birthday and cheers to many more to come. I love you.


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