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Be Impressed With Yourself

I think being a mom is one of the hardest jobs a person can have. So, why are we always so hard on ourselves? I always try to act as though what people think about me doesn’t bother me, but, let’s be honest, it does.
When I go to the store and my daughter throws a fit because I won’t buy her a toy, I feel like everyone in the aisle is judging me. But, the fact is, they aren’t. The only person who is judging me is me. (and maybe the one random person in Target, but does that really matter?) The truth is I should be feeling proud of myself that I’m teaching my daughter that she doesn’t get everything she wants; and that throwing a tantrum is not going to get you anything! So, the next time this happens to you, know that you are actually impressing another mom.
We moms need to stick together in situations like this, but even more importantly, when a mom compliments a fellow mom – accept it and be proud! When someone compliments me as a mom, I usually get embarrassed and try to shake it off. I never truly accept the compliment, and I think I should start feeling prouder of myself. As women, I think most of us have a predisposition of being modest when it comes to taking compliments.

I’ll start off  by giving a  few shout outs to fellow moms that impress me:

  • The mom who works full-time and somehow manages to still arrange to get their children to all their activities.
  • The mom who looks like she always is ready for a photoshoot. (Its good day for me if I took a shower and dried my hair 😊).
  • The mom who is teacher, I personally can’t imagine spending all day with other people’s kids to come home and deal with my own.
  • The Pinterest mom – I try, but I usually give up and resort to Amazon Prime.

These are just a few of the moms that impress me!


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  1. Anne Lutz Zacharias September 14, 2018 at 12:24 pm #

    Good advice! When someone throws me a compliment I’m learning to say, thank you!

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