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Being your Mom…

Its been 18-yrs and counting…. 

The day my life changed forever, the day I became a Mother, your mother. The day that started us on this amazing journey. 

Eighteen. Adult. #adulting.

It doesn’t seem possible that Eighteen years have passed.  That blink of an eye thing? Truth,  Not just a fable passed down from generation to generation it’s actually fact.

18-yrs ago in a blizzard in Ohio our teeny tiny baby girl did something she has yet to do since…

Arrive early.

She’ll love me for that…don’t worry dear, I’ll toss some more money in the therapy jar, at this point that fund is bigger then the college one.

My water broke at 3am, we really wanted to sleep.

We were just slightly older then she is today and being our  first child when  she arrived a month early, which in the eyes of young first time parents who had been assured that first babies are always late in our minds she was 2 months early, we were in a bit of shock. 

The only purchase we had made was her crib, and darling Winnie The Pooh bedding, We had hoped she would be a compliant scheduled baby and planned a baby shower for crazy close to her due date thinking that out of state Grandparents and Great Grandmother could be present. Instead early she was and her now favorite Aunt lovingly shopped for teeny preemie clothes, while I so nervously labored. 

We have long since stopped shopping for childhood toys, baby clothes and gifts, we have moved onto college applications, dorm room items and travel vouchers. 

Over the years I have been asked many questions about being a young mother, and sometimes there is a fine line to walk of parenting and friend. It has been quite the journey of parenting and really indoctrinating my love of all things music, veggies  and the 90’s. Can’t wait for the next part of our journey together and watching you on your journey into life. 

Happy #Adulting Day Baby Girl!  The world is ready for you!

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