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Capture The Memory, Not The Picture

When did we start relying on our phones to cherish family memories? In today’s world we snap pictures, record, snap chat and upload right to Facebook and Instagram. 

When we do this, are we really enjoying those special moments? I know we all want to capture them, but we are not really living “in the moment”. We check into places and share every detail of our adventures with our internet family and friends at the exact moment it’s happening. I notice more and more that this is the norm. I love seeing pictures of cool thing peoples get to do. However, we are not embracing the moment because we are trying to document the perfect family outing! I know I am guilty of this. 

Photo Credit – Pexels

What is this teaching our kids? Are we too busy to enjoy spending time with them? Is creating that upload worthy picture more important? Our kids cannot gauge our reactions because our phones are resting in front of our faces. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in getting the picture that we miss the moment. 

Photo Credit – Amanda Mihailoff

My phone is usually glued to my side. It’s a bad habit that I am constantly trying to break. I am not perfect. I often try to remind myself of the benefits of not having my phone so available. As a family we are able to reconnect, share experiences, and live in the moment together. 

A few years ago I asked my husband to buy me a camera. I felt like I was missing out on enjoying moments because I was always trying to get the perfect shot with my phone. The camera allows me to capture the moment, but still be present. It allows to me to interact with the group and edit the pictures later. Without my phone I am not as concentrated on trying to obtain something perfect. I focus my camera, snap the picture, and breathe in that experience. 

Photo Credit – Pexels

There are places we go where I don’t lug my camera around. I use my phone to take the picture, but I don’t post anything to social media right away. I wait until our adventure is over to upload and share. I know people like seeing our experiences and I love sharing them. 

I realize that going out and buying a camera isn’t the right answer for everyone. Even simpler changes like taking a few photos and uploading once we are home has made a world of difference. I no longer feel like I am preoccupied while trying to enjoy time with my son. I am more hands free when we go places and it gives me more chances for hand holding and high fives!

This just isn’t about moments with our children, it’s also about time with our spouses, family, and friends. I know we want pictures to look back on. What happens when you have the picture but loose the memory? We should live life and find a way to document it without feeling the pressure to obtain that perfect image. 

Life is short and it’s going by quickly. One day when I’m gone I hope my son will cherish the memories we made more than the pictures I took. 

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