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The day that single-handedly gets me through motherhood, wifedom, and, well… life.

Today we are Throwing Back Thursday to Tuesday.

Follow me? It’s now Taco Tuesday.

Its October 4th.

Its Taco Tuesday on October 4th…. ITS NATIONAL TACO DAY ON TACO TUESDAY?????????


Its like the gods of motherhood actually gave a us a freaking break for once, can I get an amen???

and wait it gets better…. just a tiny bit… well for me a lot of a tiny bit…..

Its also…. are you ready for this???????????????

Your not, I bet truly, sit down preferably with a glass of lets say oh I don’t know vodka – cuz guess why??????????

It’s also National Vodka Day – for real! I have some friends and neighbors that are wishing it was Friday right now so we could celebrate appropriately –

But still this day gets even better —  How can this possibly get better say all the easy taco dinner making vodka loving moms? Wait that sounds like we may need some help…. its all in good fun – I promise!

Here is how this day gets better – Its also National Golf Day – For real ! ( if you have no golfers in your family, I’m sorry but for me this is truly a trifecta of massive proportions – so much so that I may just change all the calendars in my house so everyone believes that this coming Saturday is actually October the 4th and I’ll declare it


The day would go something like this –

Shredded Chicken tacos in the Crockpot – the freaking easiest healthiest dinner that you can make that your family will love and not wine about you trying to get them to eat something green –

Salted caramel Vodka Apple Cider Sangria fermenting in my fridge – that I would later that afternoon sip with my best girlfriends, which would include my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and my bestie, why just them you ask?

We are golf widows, with pre-teen and teenage sons and daughters that love to golf with their Dads and grandfathers!

Did you catch up to me yet???? This would be like a high five we made it through the first 9 weeks of the school year, the house is still standing and I have managed to send you in to school with a few healthy lunches and clean clothes!

Yes I did it!

So thank you October 4th for Existing ! You are my favorite so far of these national days, just can you move to a Saturday next year so I don’t have to lie to my family about the dates on the calendar ???

For now – If anything about these national Days excites you as much as they do me here are a few ideas for you – and you have my permission to celebrate on Saturday along with us!

till then –

Happy Taco, Vodka, Golf  Day!!!!!!!!


~ Brandee

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