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Why Every 40ish Mom Needs A Millennial Mom Friend

We all have our mothering tribes. Our group of friends that support, listen, and love us, without the need for our kids to line up in ages exactly. I’m lucky enough to have a group of friends that exchange inappropriate group text messages, solid advice, and easy laughs.

There’s one friend that every mother needs to have, especially, sigh, as we get older – The Millennial Mom. She’s fun, outgoing, and usually successful juggling career and young kids.


Here’s 10 reasons why you need her in your life:

  1. Even though she has access to the internet at her fingertips at all times, she still listens patiently to your old-fashioned parenting advice. It’s nice to be looked up to every once in a while.


  1. She still has access to young, interesting, cool people, doing non-mothering things in the city.


  1. She tells you the latest places to go when you do get a chance to go out. And, she’s always up for a night out.


  1. Your hand-me-downs from clothes to toys need a great home, which she lovingly provides.


  1. She pulls the YouTube clip up on her phone that you’re desperately trying to describe before you even ask.


  1. Whenever you mention something from the 1980s and/or your childhood, her automatic sarcastic response is “My grandmother once told me about that,” because she wasn’t even born yet.


  1. Her clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, and style are amazing.


  1. Her selfies are flawless. She patiently tries to teach you how to take the best selfies, more than once.


  1. She knows the latest music and television series. You mirror her streaming watch list.


  1. Her tales of her younger children remind you of the days when you were potty training and chasing toddlers, which were so much more romantic than that common core math that you’re currently fighting with your son to do.

Thank you to all my great friends, and especially for the younger moms who really do have to have a great sense of humor to put up with us “older” moms.

Don’t forget to share with someone in your tribe.

–Carissa Howard

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